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Artist Statement


My work has evolved out of my life experiences and nostalgic memories.  In my everyday life I correlate the past with the present, which bridges the connection between my mind and physical self, a struggle of working through the past and wondering through the present.  Using the technical skills and knowledge of the medium I form relationships between my past experiences and the present.  Working through the process and evolution of a moment, I use color, shape and pattern to express the individual struggle and process. 


I begin my work with a structure, an outline or contour drawing, and fill in the spaces creating a balance of color and pattern.  Using my eye as judgment, I work through the creative process by removing and reworking. My work is a reflection of what I see and how my mind transforms it.  Each layer is defined with a color using shapes and patterns within the layers to form an image.  The final image only reveals itself when all the layers have been printed, causing a feeling of emotional and physical accomplishment just like at the finish of a race or practice.


I create images that I envision within my mind and then translate them to the paper, working with the relationship between color and patterns that symbolically portray the heart and mind of the individual. Creating movement and change through color, shape and pattern is of interest to me to help guide the viewer into the work.  The message is one that can change from one viewer to the next, as they interpret it in their own way. 

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